Dubai 4 Acumen – Social Enterprise Workshop

Held the first workshop in a series at the Shelter yesterday for the Business Acumen 4 Good Competition.  A fabulous crowd of 40 entrepreneurs representing 23 nationalities.

Workshop Description

Title: Business planning for social impact


Building a business plan is a science that has been tried and tested.  The formula is clear, and the steps are well documented.  There is a wealth of information online and an abundance of tools to assist the entrepreneur step by step. To deliver an economic return, one would benefit from an MBA or like experience.  To deliver a social return, one must draw from his/her human experience. Reflecting on one’s story, values, strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and passion becomes essential. Building a social enterprise can be challenging and require a longer period to show return. Reflecting on ones’ story  provides insights into strengths, inspiration and honest analysis of the capacity to embark on the challenge.

The proposed methodology for building a social enterprise borrows heavily from building social movements, i.e. religions, and the successful Open Source Agile methodology. The former brings the element of building for a higher purpose, addressing the second bottom line a social entrepreneur measures.. the social return.  The later supports collaboration and the iterative approach embedded in social movement building.

Examples of successful and failed social enterprise from the MENA region are provided.

Participants go through a series of activities to support the learning objectives.


[slideshare id=11424137&doc=dubai4acumen-workshop-4feb-120204214222-phpapp02]

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