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2011 NYUAD International Hackathon

The universities in the region are surprising us with a growing interest in their youth’s exposure to entrepreneurship practices, innovation and collaboration through a series of highly creative events, a very promising sign. The 2011 NYUAD International Hackathon, an event for social good in the Arab world will bring together computer science students with academics and…

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Leadership Bridge Program – Youth Rock

The Leadership Bridge Program, organized by the YAL Bahrain and 3BL Associates brought together over 50 Bahraini youth representing public and private schools to address challenges within their society. Rama Chakaki, CEO of Baraka Ventures, who helped the students brainstorm their own social action projects, was ‘amazed by their creativity and imagination,’ as she shared on her facebook wall. ‘Bahrain youth…

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Dubai 4 Acumen – Social Enterprise Workshop

Held the first workshop in a series at the Shelter yesterday for the Business Acumen 4 Good Competition.  A fabulous crowd of 40 entrepreneurs representing 23 nationalities. Workshop Description Title: Business planning for social impact Scope: Building a business plan is a science that has been tried and tested.  The formula is clear, and the…

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Women Entrepreneurs’ Workshop

Held the first women & entrepreneurship workshop at the Shelter yesterday.  It was lovely to meet inspiring women who are willing to step out of their comfort zones, share and be open to doing the work required for personal and career growth. Workshop Description How do you balance life, family, work and an entrepreneurial spirit?…

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Business Strategy Workshop

In the words of Habib Haddad, wamda ceo, “the idea (behind a venture) is not important but execution holds the key.” And this was the key theme of the workshop CEO of Baraka Ventures Rama Chakaki gave a focused audience on 25 June 2011 at the Pavilion on how to startup a business, as she…

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Youth Leadership Bridge Program

The Gulf is booming with new social initiatives and programs. There is much opportunity in the region and it is very exciting to be a part of. Take the 3-day Youth Leadership Bridge Program to be held in Bahrain from 20-22 October, a good example of these types of initiatives. A group of 50 high school students…

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Tawasul – Connecting Children with the Environment

Ernst van der Poll approached us wanting to materialize a program he had envisioned to bring children into nature, get them involved in conservation, spread the program across the UAE and mobilize children / youth from the Arabian Peninsula with their counterparts across the world in marine conservation. We worked with Ernst in the following…

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Special Abilities

We believe all human beings are gifted with unique abilities that need the support to shine and develop. With this guide, we work closely with centers for the specially-able and build social programs that engage them in mainstream industries, education and society.  Our projects included: Planned and facilitated volunteer activities for Dubai Center for Special…

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Entrepreneurship – The Starting Point

To be entrepreneurial you must have a vision… to have a vision, you must be inspired… to be inspired, means to be living in spirit.

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