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Resituating Sustainability

I was invited recently to present at a workshop convened by NYU, Abu-Dhabi Institute under the title of “Situating Sustainability: Urban Ecology and the Problem of Context”. The workshop brought together urban ecologists, architects, urban planners, anthropologists and authors who have studied, written about and had hands-on experience in shaping the urban-ecological landscape of many…

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Inspirational Stories of Palestine

There is no shortage of inspiration in Palestine. There is a shortage of platforms and media venues featuring inspiring people in and outside Palestine on a local, regional and global scale. When you mention Palestine and Media, visions of a people torn apart by conflict comes to mind. Refugees, school children standing across from tanks…

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..give me your hungry..

As Americans in the USA deliberate over the fate of the Mosque on Ground Zero, an American in the UAE breaks fast among hundreds of Muslims in their daily Ramadan iftar ritual at a Mosque.

Khalil’s Story… “Disability is a state of mind”

Khalil is a remarkable young man. The sparkle in eyes attest to that. January 16th, 2009, the skies rained shells on Gaza.  Khalil, 15 years old, was at his grandmother’s house with his two brothers. He recounts the event to Iman Odeh Yabroudi, the PCRF Patient Affairs coordinator in great detail; describing the brightness of…

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I wonder if he knows …

Bureaucracy is soul killing. Employees in governments and large corporations simply fail to take part in the human experience. They are emotionally detached from those they serve and the world at large!

The beginning of the end of an era?

It appears that the newly appointed Supreme Court Associate Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, is starting to challenge what is seen as one of the primary tenets of corporate law, namely the conferment of human characteristics on the corporation. According to this Wall Street Journal Article, Justice Sotomayor stated that: Judges “created corporations as persons, gave birth…

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Benevolent Business

Move aside Clark Kent, we’ve got the Social Innovator now..

Characteristics of a social entrepreneur – Resilient

My brother is a social entrepreneur;  he has been since he was 16.  Before he entered college, he had already written, composed and sang his first song. He sings for social justice, peace, a common language and an Arab-American Identity. His words have long inspired me and hundreds if not thousands of others. He is…

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An instant recipe for a happy marriage

Finding Mr. Right a movie developed by two Emirate women .. followed by An open discussion on marriage and issues young Emirates face when embarking on it… & a suggested recipe for a happy marriage

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