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Islam in America

I have long maintained that the real Islam is being preserved and nurtured today in the USA.  In small social circles, academic forums, individual and collective discourse; uncovering relevance to environmental conservation, gender equality and much more. Young and old, Muslims and other denominations are having healthy, constructive exchanges on the beauty of Islam and…

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Resituating Sustainability

I was invited recently to present at a workshop convened by NYU, Abu-Dhabi Institute under the title of “Situating Sustainability: Urban Ecology and the Problem of Context”. The workshop brought together urban ecologists, architects, urban planners, anthropologists and authors who have studied, written about and had hands-on experience in shaping the urban-ecological landscape of many…

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Reflecting on Nature..

30 years ago, the deserts of Arabia were clean, the rivers cold and pure, the seas full of fish and vibrant corals, the forests lush, the farms rich with crop. Reflect on nature today.. what do you see?

A whale shark – Up-close and Personal

Close your eyes and visuals a whale shark.. grand, beautiful, peaceful.. imagine you are 15 years young swimming along his majestic 6 meter body… Tawasul students experience that.. and learn to love nature

15 Mind-Boggling Green Facts & Statistics

The good news is that we’re measuring things – what you can’t measure, you can’t manage – but we have to start doing more than just hope that the numbers will change

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