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Women in Computing Workshop

Today I spoke at the NYU Abu Dhabi workshop on Women in Computing in the Arab World. I was struck by the uniformity of challenges the speakers presented.  I was also encouraged to see a room full of role-models to rising women Engineers, Computer Scientists, Professors and Professionals. Across the Arab world. participants in the…

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bidayat – Building a network of social venture support organizations

For a while we’ve envisioned a network of organizations supporting social entrepreneurs.  The time is now.. it is happening. On Tuesday, January 31st, we hosted a round-table discussion at the Shelter in Dubai.  The aim was to bring together organizations supporting social entrepreneurs to build a collaborative framework. A roundup of amazing individuals represented their…

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Baraka listed as a useful resource for SMEs

Check out this interesting article on the journey taken a decade ago to launch a venture and Baraka being listed as a resources to help SME owners, amongst several others by The National –  

setbacks are there to make you stronger

A brilliant young lady with immense talent sent me a heartfelt email today. She had been active in social work and dropped off the scene after receiving harsh criticism.  The critic, someone in the humanitarian field also turned competitive and broke the young lady’s spirit.  She left behind a promising beginning and settled for work…

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The question of profit..

I start a conversation with a business man I recently co-presented with on a panel on Entrepreneurship “Pioneering or moving boundaries”.  In my presentation, I explicitly stated that social entrepreneurship is not a non-profit model.. and yet, he begins our dialogue by making a distinction between his “For-profit” and my “Non-profit” business. I am perplexed.…

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If it makes you cry, laugh, if it rips your heart out..

How one inspiring art curator and passionate human being brings beautiful inspiration to the region’s photo art scene.

15 must read books for any social entrepreneur

Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid by CK Prahalad. (the title doesn’t do the book justice) The ethical corporation How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas by David Bornstein Out of Poverty by Paul Polack Power of Unreasonable People: How Social Entrepreneurs Create Markets that Change the World…

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Characteristics of a Social Entrepreneur – Humble

An Arabic poem sums up this characteristic of the social entrepreneur using a nature metaphor

The beginning of the end of an era?

It appears that the newly appointed Supreme Court Associate Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, is starting to challenge what is seen as one of the primary tenets of corporate law, namely the conferment of human characteristics on the corporation. According to this Wall Street Journal Article, Justice Sotomayor stated that: Judges “created corporations as persons, gave birth…

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Benevolent Business

Move aside Clark Kent, we’ve got the Social Innovator now..

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