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AFAC Interview

Nothing like Wall Street The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture was established with the mission of investing in Middle Eastern performers, writers, artists, and musicians of considerable talent and ambition. It raises money with the aim of securing an available and sufficient fund to support these talented artists. At AFAC, they understand the boundaries…

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career advice..

I received an email this week from a young Arab professional titled “Career Advice”.  It was a very honest account of his struggles to feel fulfilled, realize his potential.. make sense of his career path.. he has a job he dislikes, he’s always told he’s not realizing his full potential.. he cannot even recall what…

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My wish list…

In a recent conversation where a colleague made sweeping generalizations on what Arab women want, I remembered a movie..”what women want” Mel Gibson takes us into the world of a PR agency that hires a women to unleash the secrets of marketing to women.  I cannot speak for all women, what I can do is…

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Resituating Sustainability

I was invited recently to present at a workshop convened by NYU, Abu-Dhabi Institute under the title of “Situating Sustainability: Urban Ecology and the Problem of Context”. The workshop brought together urban ecologists, architects, urban planners, anthropologists and authors who have studied, written about and had hands-on experience in shaping the urban-ecological landscape of many…

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Inspirational Stories of Palestine

There is no shortage of inspiration in Palestine. There is a shortage of platforms and media venues featuring inspiring people in and outside Palestine on a local, regional and global scale. When you mention Palestine and Media, visions of a people torn apart by conflict comes to mind. Refugees, school children standing across from tanks…

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If it makes you cry, laugh, if it rips your heart out..

How one inspiring art curator and passionate human being brings beautiful inspiration to the region’s photo art scene.

..give me your hungry..

As Americans in the USA deliberate over the fate of the Mosque on Ground Zero, an American in the UAE breaks fast among hundreds of Muslims in their daily Ramadan iftar ritual at a Mosque.

How can I compare?

Leia Idliby, a teenager from New York visiting the UAE meets Khalil..

An instant recipe for a happy marriage

Finding Mr. Right a movie developed by two Emirate women .. followed by An open discussion on marriage and issues young Emirates face when embarking on it… & a suggested recipe for a happy marriage

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