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Leadership Bridge Programme updates!

The Leadership Bridge Programme, organized by the YAL Bahrain and 3BL Associates brought together over 50 Bahraini youth representing public and private schools to address challenges within their society. Rama Chakaki, CEO of Baraka Ventures, who helped the students brainstorm their own social action projects, was ‘amazed by their creativity and imagination,’ as she shared…

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2011 NYUAD International Hackathon

The universities in the region are surprising us with a growing interest in their youth’s exposure to entrepreneurship practices, innovation and collaboration through a series of highly creative events, a very promising sign. The 2011 NYUAD International Hackathon, an event for social good in the Arab world will bring together computer science students with academics…

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Youth Leadership Bridge Program

The Gulf is booming with new social initiatives and programs. There is much opportunity in the region and it is very exciting to be a part of. Take the 3-day Youth Leadership Bridge Program to be held in Bahrain from 20-22 October, a good example of these types of initiatives. A group of 50 high…

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The question of profit..

I start a conversation with a business man I recently co-presented with on a panel on Entrepreneurship “Pioneering or moving boundaries”.  In my presentation, I explicitly stated that social entrepreneurship is not a non-profit model.. and yet, he begins our dialogue by making a distinction between his “For-profit” and my “Non-profit” business. I am perplexed.…

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I wonder if he knows …

Bureaucracy is soul killing. Employees in governments and large corporations simply fail to take part in the human experience. They are emotionally detached from those they serve and the world at large!

“Reflective Working”

18 years of work and dozens of seminars on effective working practice and management, yet only recently have I started  practicing reflective working!  A few years back, I was telling a dear colleague and mentor that I had grown tired of working for the sake of working; that I often questioned why I was in…

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Social Entrepreneurship and the Middle East – A Vision

There’s a growing movement of social responsibility and social entrepreneurship in the MidEast. How can we grow it?

The beginning of the end of an era?

It appears that the newly appointed Supreme Court Associate Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, is starting to challenge what is seen as one of the primary tenets of corporate law, namely the conferment of human characteristics on the corporation. According to this Wall Street Journal Article, Justice Sotomayor stated that: Judges “created corporations as persons, gave birth…

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Multinationals and CSR in the MENA region – Part 2

Unilever’s CSR in the Middle East – The split personality approach! Arab women can be naturally beautiful with DOVE, or acquire beauty through bleaching with Fair and Lovely!!

Multinationals and CSR in the MENA region – Part 1

McDonald’s CSR in the Middle East – we take your money, you keep our trash! While the company has stopped using styrofoam in the US, it continues to use its non-recyclable packaging in the UAE and other MENA markets.

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