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AFAC Interview

Nothing like Wall Street The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture was established with the mission of investing in Middle Eastern performers, writers, artists, and musicians of considerable talent and ambition. It raises money with the aim of securing an available and sufficient fund to support these talented artists. At AFAC, they understand the boundaries…

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Be the change you want to see in the world.

- -Gandhi

setbacks are there to make you stronger

A brilliant young lady with immense talent sent me a heartfelt email today. She had been active in social work and dropped off the scene after receiving harsh criticism.  The critic, someone in the humanitarian field also turned competitive and broke the young lady’s spirit.  She left behind a promising beginning and settled for work…

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A baraka year..

Reflecting on 365 days is like playing a reel of photos, with emotions in the background substituting for music. 2010 brought a lot of promise, hope, heartfelt emotions, financial anxieties, many new beginnings, and a few bitter endings. We were blessed with: Working closely with the PCRF and realizing through our support that nothing can…

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Islam in America

I have long maintained that the real Islam is being preserved and nurtured today in the USA.  In small social circles, academic forums, individual and collective discourse; uncovering relevance to environmental conservation, gender equality and much more. Young and old, Muslims and other denominations are having healthy, constructive exchanges on the beauty of Islam and…

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Resituating Sustainability

I was invited recently to present at a workshop convened by NYU, Abu-Dhabi Institute under the title of “Situating Sustainability: Urban Ecology and the Problem of Context”. The workshop brought together urban ecologists, architects, urban planners, anthropologists and authors who have studied, written about and had hands-on experience in shaping the urban-ecological landscape of many…

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Abundance Theory – conversation threads and questions.

How does 1+1 equal a million? How do you unleash the power of many? Is a focus on a single bottom line more effective than one a triple bottom line? It is simpler; but is it more effective? Does a single bottom line mean forgoing measures, or merging them? Must you look for a problem…

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Inspirational Stories of Palestine

There is no shortage of inspiration in Palestine. There is a shortage of platforms and media venues featuring inspiring people in and outside Palestine on a local, regional and global scale. When you mention Palestine and Media, visions of a people torn apart by conflict comes to mind. Refugees, school children standing across from tanks…

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Our vision…

To encourage innovation and sustainable business practices – financial, social and environmental – through the companies that we help create and grow as well as in the wider business community through CSR thought leadership and advisory services.

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