Multinationals and CSR in the MENA region – Part 1

McDonald’s CSR in the Middle East – we take your money, you keep our trash! While the company has stopped using styrofoam in the US, it continues to use its non-recyclable packaging in the UAE and other MENA markets.

Entrepreneruship in a crisis – Take 2 …

While others invest in real-estate, we invest in the two “IP”s (intellectual property and internet protocol). We invest in people, ideas, in new media ventures.

Entrepreneurship in a crisis

Does the financial crisis necessarily mean that entrepreneurship is in a crisis? Does the collapsing value of investments lead to a collapse in the appetite for investment? Not in my book. The financial crisis makes it even more imperative than before to invest in entrepreneurs.

CSR is Indispensable

Middle East businesses are confusing CSR with Cause Marketing. While marketing budget can be reconsidered during economic hardship, the business is obliged to maintain care towards its all stakeholders and act as a responsible member of society.

Social Media 101

Social media is the new game in town. Facebook, youtube, twitter, myspace, peoplepress, blogger.. How is the field evolving? Does it have business applications? Does Arab Social Media exist? Should you join?

The Baraka Entrepreneurship Forumla

Entrepreneurship = Inspiration + Information + Perspiration

Entrepreneurship – The Starting Point

To be entrepreneurial you must have a vision… to have a vision, you must be inspired… to be inspired, means to be living in spirit.

Regional Culture, Heritage and Corporate Social Responsibility

To understand corporate social responsibility, look within, look to our culture, our heritage, our faith.

Our vision…

To encourage innovation and sustainable business practices – financial, social and environmental – through the companies that we help create and grow as well as in the wider business community through CSR thought leadership and advisory services.

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